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Total Regions: 66
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Visitors (30 Days): 492
Total Residents: 380
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Various options

Everyone likes to have their own spot to call home. Here with Tranquility you can start with a free home and then progress with land varying from 1/4 sim right up to a 4x4 VAR

Free homes for new residents

We provide anyone new to Tranquility a free home for 28 days

1/4 Sim (Residential only)

Ideal for someone who just needs a smaller plot for their home. Here you will have some neighbors to chat with! Only US$3.00 per month

Home Starter Region

Full sized region, 256x256 with 7500 prims (Max 750 scripts). Ideal first homeland and only US$3.00 per month NO COMMERCIAL

Standard Region

Full sized region, 256x256 with 20000 prims. Prim packs are available if you need more! Only US$9.00 per month




VAR Regions

VAR`s come in 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 sizes.

2x2 with 50000 prims US$18.50 per month

3x3 with 100000 prims US$28.00 per month 

4x4 with 120000 prims US$38.00 per month 


Additional Prim packs:  US$5.00 per 5000 per month

Welcome Centre

Here you will find free stores with essential items to start your virtual life with us. Also free home and land costs are detailed inside the Center

Car Wash Nightclub

This club has been regularly number 1 throughout Opensim World. Regular events from Sunday to Thursday with some earlier live events. Live singers and DJs provide your entertainment here

Top Hat Nightclub and Mall

Everyone loves Top Hats design...inside and out! Sundays are spent here with a mix of DJ`s and live singers. Around Top Hat is a premium mall with great clothes and even artwork!

Free homes for new residents

To get you started we provide free homes for new residents for 28 days. Aftre that we are sure you will want to have your own place to call home

SS Jawosian

Retired cruise ship, gutted out and re equipped with a nightclub, ballroom and mall!

Other attractions

Around the region you will find the farm and sandbox


Our staff

Chris and Jad enjoy helping new residents and creating exciting venues for everyones entertainment. We seek the best live singers and DJ`s available in Opensim. All our staff are there for the guests enjoyment




Our philosophy

The visitor to our region or venue is the most important thing at that time. If they need help starting out, or need land, free home or just visiting for the event...we will tend to their every need






Our specialities

Renowned for helping and having fun venues......YOU are our prority!!





You will need a opensim compatible viewer. http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Connecting has a great list of viewers that work with opensim and a simple tutorial.

The loginURI for this grid is http://tranquility-grid.info:8002/

Viewer Downloads


Firestorm Instructions

Step 1 

Click Me > Preference

Step 2 

Click Opensim, then in the address field put tranquility-grid.info:8002 and hit apply

Step 3 

Enter your login information you registered with, and choose Tranquility Grid from the grid selector, and hit login

Singularity Instructions

Step 1 

Click Grid Manager

Step 2 

Click Create, then in the address field put tranquility-grid.info:8002 and hit apply

Step 3 

Enter your login information you registered with, and choose tranquility Grid from the grid selector, and hit login

Grid infos

Simulator: OpenSim
Mode: Grid
Access: Public
Rating: Mature
Hypergrid: Enable
Voice: Enable
Money: Enable
Physics: Bulletsim
Scripts: XEngine

Login URI

Login URI:
HG Login URI:

Countdown Grid Restart UTC+1