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Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 46
Today visitors: 31
Visitors (30 Days): 468
Total Residents: 443
Online Now: 1
Hypergriders online: 1

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  • Flame
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  • Paige Stormblade
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Welcome Centre

Here you will find free stores with essential items to start your virtual life with us. Also free home and land costs are detailed inside the Center

The Pier Nightclub

This club has been built with its neighbour region including the club, beach, stores, jetskis etc for you to chill out!. Regular events from Sunday to Thursday with some earlier live events. Live singers and DJs provide your entertainment here


Free homes for new residents

To get you started we provide free homes for new residents for 28 days. After that we are sure you will want to have your own place to call home, or continue to "rent" the free home


Grid infos

Simulator: OpenSim
Mode: Grid
Access: Public
Rating: Mature
Hypergrid: Enable
Voice: Enable
Money: Enable
Physics: Bulletsim
Scripts: XEngine

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