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Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 24
Today visitors: 37
Visitors (30 Days): 301
Total Residents: 177
Online Now: 5
Hypergriders online: 0

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Land orders and payments

Land orders

In the Welcome Center there are shown our land that is immediately available. Just look for the green tier boxes. If you wish to order your own land, named etc please contact Fred or Kim. You can use the email on this site, or drop us a notecard detailing the size, number of prims and the name for your new region. Individual orders are not available for 1/4 sims

How do I pay?

There will always be a Tier payment box available in the Welcome Center, These are set weekly and payments in T$. If you prefer to pay monthly you can use PayPal to make your payments on our information website https://tranquilityvirtual.info or in the Welcome Centre building


Please feel free to ask any question, we will do our best to answer.


Grid infos

Simulator: OpenSim
Mode: Grid
Access: Public
Rating: Mature
Hypergrid: Enable
Voice: Enable
Money: Enable
Physics: Bulletsim
Scripts: XEngine

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Tranquility Regions

Region: Loc X: Loc Y:
Alice In Wonderland 1086 1096
Balmy Island 1000 1004
Dotties Island 1506 1600
Fantasy Island 1004 1000
Glimmermere 1002 1004
H20 Club 1000 1006
Halcyon Island 1004 1006
Heavenly Cove 1000 1002
Heritage Station 1052 1060
Imagine 1006 1004
Moonlit Cove 1002 1002
Mystical Designs 1012 1044
Pacific Island 1000 1000
Paradise Island 1004 1002
Phoenix Islands 1008 1000
Pride 2500 2500
Sciavo 1008 1006
Sea Breeze 2008 2004
Seadreamer 1003 1004
Serene Isles 1006 1002
Snoodle Homes 1000 1008
Sunset Isle 1008 1002
Tranquility Sandbox 8000 8000
Tranquility Welcome 2000 2000